TRIPFAST.jp is a one-man operation bringing you handmade stickers in a psychedelic style that speaks beyond volume. Inspired by import car culture trends, Japanese aesthetics, and psychedelic vibes, TRIPFAST.jp aims to raise the bar for self expression. Free Your Mind!


I make all of my products myself, from start to finish. I believe that authenticity matters. Think of it like real wheels versus replica wheels - when you see the real deal in person there's simply no mistaking it for anything less.


Most products available on TRIPFAST.jp are crafted to order. As such, there are many variables that will affect delivery times; in most cases, orders ship within 3-5 days of being placed, but fulfillment may take up to two weeks depending on volume of sales and complexity of the designs on offer. Most domestic orders arrive 2-5 days after shipping, and international orders can be expected 10-21 days after shipping. Please keep in mind that all TRIPFAST.jp operations - including design, social media, and production of goods - are handled entirely by one person. Your patience and consideration is appreciated. If you have a question about your order please drop me a line or find TRIPFAST.jp on Instagram.


Every effort is made to ensure that you receive a high-quality product that you will be proud to display. However, due to the nature of the products sold by TRIPFAST.jp and their handmade method of creation, all sales are final. If you have a question or concern about your order, or items arrive damaged, please send me an email or direct message TRIPFAST.jp on Instagram


To help hype the arrival of the Genji Flow Like Water ULTRA PREMIUM slap I created a behind-the-scenes video to show (some) of my process.