TRIPFAST creates ultra-premium, hand-crafted, layered vinyl stickers.

There's no printing involved; every sticker is created by painstakingly layering individual colors of vinyl film. This process requires a high level of attention to detail, patience, and careful consideration of materials. Many of the stickers offered here are the result of hours of work. Inspired by Japanese car culture, and psychedelic motifs - these are not your average stickers!


All products from TRIPFAST.jp are made individually, by hand, from start to finish. From idea to sketch, sketch to vector, vector to cut, and cut to reality.

Take a look at the process of bringing the Sakura six layer design to life!


Most products available on TRIPFAST.jp are crafted to order. As such, there are many variables that will affect delivery times; in most cases, orders ship within 3-5 days of being placed, but fulfillment may take up to two weeks depending on volume of sales and complexity of the designs on offer. Most domestic orders arrive 2-5 days after shipping, and international orders can be expected 10-21 days after shipping. Please keep in mind that all TRIPFAST.jp operations - including design, social media, and production of goods - are handled entirely by one person. Your patience and consideration is appreciated. If you have a question about your order please drop me a line or find TRIPFAST.jp on Instagram.


As with all vinyl films - including the materials used in TRIPFAST.jp products - exposure to intense UV light and harsh weather will result in accelerated degradation of product integrity; holographic, sparkle, oil slick, color flip, metallic, chrome, and all other specialty-finish films will degrade faster than basic solid colors. Fluorescent films generally have a maximum outdoor lifespan of 6 months. Most other films used in TRIPFAST.jp products have an outdoor lifespan of roughly 3-5 years. To maximize the lifespan of decals, It is recommended that decals are applied only to cool, clean surfaces that are not frequently exposed to the above mentioned conditions. Use of detergents, cleaners, soaps, and other chemicals should be done with care and caution, to prevent delamination, scratching, flaking, peeling, discoloration, fading, and other premature signs of wear. 

Every effort is made to ensure that you receive a high-quality product that you will be proud to display. Please note that due to the nature of the products sold by TRIPFAST.jp and their handmade method of creation, all sales are final, without warranty express or implied. If you have a question or concern about your order, or items arrive damaged, please send me an email or direct message TRIPFAST.jp on Instagram.