Partner Program

Thanks for your interest in partnering with My name is Andrew.

This page serves as a general guide for photographers and videographers, to assist in understanding what I'm hoping to achieve. Please feel free to provide whatever spin or look you feel best suits the context or product. You're receiving free product from because I believe in your abilities and your style!

In exchange, I hope you find my products interesting enough to provide the following:

  • 3 or more high quality images per product 
    • To be used for promotional purposes on Instagram and other public-facing venues, such as
    • The more quality content you deliver, the more times you'll get your content posted and attributed.
    • Use of the materials you provide on will be accompanied by a text-based attribution. For example, "Photos provided by TF Stickers".
    • Use of the materials you provide will be attributed in the caption section of Instagram postings in the manner you prefer, within reason. I'll also tag your Instagram page when relevant images are posted.
    • We can make use of the "paid partnership" features within Instagram to have a publicly-facing partnership in postings using the materials you provide if you would like to do so - just let me know if you're interested.
    • 1:1 format preferred for images, 3:4 or 16:19 are okay too, but will probably be cropped.
  • High-quality video is gladly accepted
    • To be used and attributed in a manner similar to the above.
  • Any other media you want to provide is gladly accepted
    • To be used and attributed in a manner similar to the above.
  • Delivery date is ideally within 30 days of receipt of product
    • I'm patient and flexible, so just let me know what your plan is and I'll gladly work with you around whatever time frame you deem appropriate.

Here are some of the things that I think customers enjoy most about the products I sell:

  • Interesting Japan/JDM-themed designs
  • Very colorful
  • Mesmerizing finishes and effects
  • Different look in different lighting (sunny, night, overcast) and angle
  • High level of detail
  • Layered stickers are handmade

Some suggestions if you're looking for them (I'm really open to your style and direction, please feel free to do your thing your way):

  • Photos/videos should contain product displayed prominently :)
  • Photos/videos with vehicles are more than welcome!! Tuner vehicles and sport-oriented vehicles, bonus points for Japanese domestic or import vehicles
  • Photos/videos have a colorful appearance, for example, fill light cast from neon signs or a vibrant mural background
  • Photos/videos "tell a story", like interesting context, having cohesive themes between sets of images, or focusing on various details of the products

All materials provided to will be accepted under the condition that may use the provided materials for promotional purposes - commercial, professional, or otherwise - without limitation.

The content you provide will not be sold by without your express, written permission. reserves the right to terminate partnership/affiliation for any reason.


In the form below, please provide a shipping address and a few details about yourself. Doing so signifies that you have reviewed the contents of this page, and registers your shipping address so that I can send you free stickers. :)