TRIPFAST creates ultra-premium, hand-crafted, layered vinyl stickers.

With layered stickers, there's no printing involved; every sticker is created by painstakingly layering individual colors of vinyl film. This process requires a high level of attention to detail, patience, and careful consideration of materials. Many of the stickers offered here are the result of multiple hours of work. 

Inspired by Japanese car culture, and psychedelic motifs - these are not your average stickers!


All layered stickers from TRIPFAST.jp are made individually, by hand, from start to finish. From idea to sketch, sketch to vector, vector to cut, and cut to reality. 

First, I start with an idea or a concept that I want to convey. While I think about what I want to make, I will sketch ideas and compositions, and consider layer interactions and colors.

Once I have a general composition in mind, I'll work towards a useable sketch to help me begin creating digital assets. Creation of digital assets is usually a multi-stage process, taking a rough idea to dimensionally accurate vector image. From there, further refinement of the design to aide in processing of the cut material can require a very high level of attention to detail.

After a design is cut, excess material must be manually removed from the design. This process requires patience, as fine details do not always cut correctly, and can be damaged or accidentally removed if proper care is not taken.

Finally, each processed layer is visually aligned and carefully applied in an optimized order to minimize possible bubbles and poor adhesion of laminations.

A new video of the creation process will be available soon.


Due to the complex nature of the products offered, it's not always possible to keep everything in stock. However, I do want to share my designs with as many people as I can, so every effort is made to keep products stocked when I can.

For the latest information on stock and upcoming products, stay tuned to the TRIPFAST.jp Instagram page.


Because of the higher-than-average value of the items that I offer, it is important to ensure the highest rate of successful delivery as is possible. In that light, all orders ship with tracking numbers via priority mail. This means:

  1. Your order is far less likely to go missing during transit
  2. You can stay up-to-date with the location and estimated arrival date of your order
  3. I can ship your order in something other than an envelope

For all of these reasons, I choose to only offer priority shipping methods. The consequence of this is slightly expensive shipping rates. In return, you receive many benefits in addition to the above:

  • All orders ship in crush-resistant, heavy duty cardboard boxes (yes, an actual box)
  • All boxes are lined with soft and supportive charcoal colored foam to keep your stickers in pristine condition
  • All orders receive a hand-signed and personalized thank you note (I'll even respond to any notes you leave with your order!)
  • All orders include two glossy business cards to share with your friends
  • All orders include a rigid Lidco squeegee for sticker application
  • Finally, all shipments are secured with signature TRIPFAST packing tape to ensure your order arrives safe and secure


Most products available from TRIPFAST.jp are crafted to order. As such, there are many variables that will affect delivery times; in most cases, orders ship within 3-5 days of being placed, but fulfillment may take up to four weeks depending on volume of sales and complexity of the designs on offer. Most domestic orders arrive 2-5 days after shipping, and international orders can be expected 10-21 days after shipping. Please keep in mind that all TRIPFAST.jp operations - including design, social media, and production of goods - are handled entirely by one person. Your patience and consideration is appreciated. If you have a question about your order please drop me a line or find TRIPFAST.jp on Instagram.


Every effort is made to ensure that you receive a high-quality product that you will be proud to display.

Please note that due to the nature of the products sold by TRIPFAST.jp and their handmade method of creation, all sales are final, without warranty express or implied. TRIPFAST.jp does not offer refunds or replacements for any reason once a sticker has been removed from its backing paper.

If you have a question or concern about your order, please send me an email or direct message TRIPFAST.jp on Instagram.


Coming Soon!


As with all vinyl films - including the materials used in TRIPFAST.jp products - exposure to intense UV light and harsh weather will result in accelerated degradation of product integrity; holographic, sparkle, oil slick, color flip, metallic, chrome, and all other specialty-finish films will degrade faster than basic solid colors. Fluorescent films generally have a maximum outdoor lifespan of 6 months. Most other films used in TRIPFAST.jp products have an outdoor lifespan of roughly 3-5 years. To maximize the lifespan of decals, It is recommended that decals are applied only to cool, clean surfaces that are not frequently exposed to the above mentioned conditions. Use of detergents, cleaners, soaps, and other chemicals should be done with care and caution, to prevent delamination, scratching, flaking, peeling, discoloration, fading, and other premature signs of wear. 


NOTE BEFORE PROCEEDING: Your layered sticker is somewhat delicate, and not all soaps and cleaners are the same. Please carefully select the chemicals that come into contact with your sticker. TRIPFAST.jp takes no responsibility for damages that may occur due to improper care or exposure to any substance regardless of the recommendations made below.

  • DO NOT SCRUB THE STICKER. You are likely to cause irreversible damage to a layered design by scrubbing it with a brush, sponge, cloth, or any other material.
  • Instead of scrubbing, use a light dabbing motion with plenty of cleaning fluid to gently agitate surface dirt.
  • Wash only when sticker and surface are cool and shaded from the sun.
  • It is recommended that you use a soap that is non-caustic, ph-neutral, wax-free, silicone-free, and clean-rinsing. High quality automotive soaps targeted at protecting existing waxes and coatings are likely to work well.
  • Dilute the soap aggressively - you don't need much soap to clean vinyl and polyester films.
  • Do not allow soap to dry on any sticker.
  • For finely detailed stickers, a very fine soft brush may be useful for reaching stubborn spots. Cotton swabs work well too, but cotton fibers may get trapped under corners and fine detail. Be careful around fine detail as it is possible to delaminate layers and specialty films.
  • Dry the sticker with a lint-free cloth using a very gentle dabbing motion - DO NOT SCRUB OR WIPE. While microfiber is a good choice for paint and glass, it isn't a good choice for layered stickers - the small fibers get trapped under corners and fine detail. A simple terry cloth or cotton towel works great.

THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF COMPATIBILITY: I personally use the following products to clean layered stickers on my vehicle during normal car washing.

  • Wizard's Wash concentrate, 4tsp/3gal
  • Chemical Guys chenille microfiber mitt (gently pressed repeatedly onto the stickers until clean and shiny, rinsed thoroughly once clean)
  • Chemical Guys standard orange microfiber towel (while I don't recommend that you use microfiber to dry, these towels have a low-pile, "non-fluffy" side that is effective and relatively safe for gently dabbing onto layered stickers in my experience.)


I've looked high and low, near and far, searching for the perfect solution to protect layered stickers. I wish that there were a perfect solution that would allow me to warranty stickers for any amount of time, or help the stickers last for longer in severe weather and under harsh sun exposure.

Unfortunately, there is no such perfect solution.

I've tried resins, urethanes, laminates, and everything in between. Every single solution falls short and compromises the end-product. Resins are toxic to work with and require dedicated processing methods for good results, but they will yellow, crack, and warp over time. The same types of issues occur with urethanes as well. Both resin and urethane completely compromise the finish (matte/gloss/satin) and alter colors. Laminates look awful, and trap air when the surface isn't perfectly flat, which layered stickers are not - there is no way around this that I am aware of. Ceramic coatings are popular for preserving car wraps, but an essential step of proper application of all ceramic coatings is buffing; this is not possible with layered designs.

Spray coatings have recently become more promising. Please note that the following information is not an expression of endorsement or guarantee of compatibility. In fact, I would urge you NOT to try this unless you are willing to sacrifice your sticker(s), because I only have my own very small test samples to judge by:

VViViD offers a graphene-infused spray coating - "VViViD Shield Spray Sealant". The product claims to condition vinyl as well as offer effective UV blockers. I've seen that this product appears to be effective in the way that they describe, and works well with most films I have tried it on, but I do not have empirical data to support these claims. I suspect that it is an effective product for extending the life of any vinyl film in most applications. As stated in the "How do I clean my sticker?" section of this FAQ, TRIPFAST.jp assumes no responsibility for damages that may occur due to usage of any product or material in conjunction with TRIPFAST.jp products.


To fulfill your request for custom work, I must set aside my other TRIPFAST responsibilities and schedules; in order for your custom order to be profitable to me, the time that I spend on it should be worth more than the value that my other regularly stocked items carry.

When I spend 20 or more hours creating a cut file for a six layer sticker that I can sell as a regularly stocked item, I can lower the cost of the final product because I can sell the design over an extended period of time in multiple styles to a wide audience.

I cannot (and will not under any circumstance) sell your custom job to anyone else.

With that in mind, the current terms for custom work are:

  • Custom work is charged by the hour + material cost.
  • Hourly rate is currently USD $90/hour, with a minimum charge of USD $450 (5 hours labor).
  • Overall job length depends on involvement; a request for work without a well-defined concept or pre-supplied artwork will be vastly more involved than one where you provide base artwork or inspiration for your design.
  • Custom work must be paid up-front based on an estimate of all efforts to be undertaken to fulfill your request; ideation/concepting, sketching, adjusting, digital asset creation, product quantity, and all other forms of labor will be considered in your estimate.
  • Finally, custom work is subject to copyright protection; TRIPFAST.jp retains exclusive rights to reproduction and commercial use of all original content generated by TRIPFAST.jp for the purpose of fulfilling your request, unless otherwise stated in the context of this transaction. Licensing available upon request.

If you're still interested, please contact TRIPFAST.jp via email or direct message TRIPFAST.jp on Instagram to discuss your project!