Sakura Six Layer Sticker "Daydream"

Sakura Six Layer Sticker "Daydream"

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8"×2.5" six layer vinyl sticker. "トリップファスト" reads "torippu fasuto/TRIPFAST" and is a 100% custom typeface designed from scratch.

Six layers of carefully considered vinyl come together in this design to create a highly dynamic flow of color, texture, and form. Sakura are symbolic in many ways, and are often seen as a metaphor for life itself; fleeting but beautiful. Their delicate nature reminds us of love and time, revitalizes us in the crisp spring air, and gets us closer to the very essence of reality. 

🌥 Sakura Daydream Layers 🌥
Carbon Black
Synapse Holo Sparkle
Deco Silver¹
Sakura Holo Sparkle¹
UltraViolet Holo Chrome
Accretion Holo Chrome¹²

As with all of the stickers sold by, this item is truly a work of art - handmade from start to finish using only the finest materials available.

¹ Extra Fine Detail layer
² Fluorescent color

※ The white background in the product photos is the carrier sheet for the sticker and is removed during install.

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